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Staying positive while job searching

You spend every second of your free time weeding through different job descriptions. You’ve written so many cover letters and polite follow up emails that you literally become nauseous at the thought of having to author another one. You’ve even clinched interviews—you just can’t seem to actually land a job.

Every rejection letter can feel a bit soul-crushing. Hearing nothing at all can create just as much job-search frustration, especially when you've gone to great lengths to tailor your applications to each position. A positive attitude isn’t something you can just all of a sudden turn on but there are steps you can take to ensure you are staying positive while looking.


Developing and sticking to a daily routine can be beneficial to your mental well-being. In fact, daily rituals are known to reduce anxiety, increase confidence, and even alleviate grief.

To help you maintain your job-search motivation, try to settle into a daily routine that helps you find consistency, like getting up at the same time each morning and working towards small goals. For instance, you could start the day by having your breakfast, meditating or going for a run, and then designating time for job-search tasks like tailoring your resume, writing a cover letter, or updating your LinkedIn profile.

Set goals

Setting small, measurable goals will help you stay motivated in your job search even when things aren't moving as quickly as you'd like. You can set daily or weekly goals, but make sure they are specific so you can track your progress. These goals can help you avoid frustration by keeping you on track and helping you feel productive.

For instance, you could create a list of companies you'd like to work for and then make it your goal to research and apply for one new position each day. Or if you're interested in expanding your network, you could make it a goal to connect with one new person in your industry each week.

List your achievements

If you're experiencing job-search frustration or feeling down about your current situation, reminding yourself of all the things you've learned and accomplished in your career can give you a boost of confidence. Start putting together a list of all your major career achievements, from specific problems you solved at work to major projects you assisted with.

As an added bonus, having all your professional achievements lined up can also make it easier to include the most impressive work experience on your resume and discuss your career highlights in job interviews.

Focus on the things you can control

When searching for a new job, there will inevitably be some things that you have no control over, such as the job market, economy, industry trends, or even your location. To keep up your job-search motivation, try to subdue your stress about the things you can't influence and instead focus on what you can do to improve your situation.

Take Care of Yourself

Remember to place some emphasis on taking adequate care of yourself. Ensure that you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet. Make time each week for exercise and physical activity. Go to bed at a decent hour.

I know that these might seem like unimportant things. But, when it comes to being alert and maintaining a positive attitude, they’re absolutely crucial. After all, you already know that your 2 AM bedtime and your diet that consists solely of Taco Bell and chocolate pudding don’t really make you feel too wonderful.

Above all, remember that your situation is temporary and things will eventually fall into place, even if it takes a bit longer than anticipated.

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