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We've developed the my platform to help everyone dealing with redundancy.


I’m a HR Manager and my company is making 65 people redundant - the workload for me and my small team is too much! How can help our business at this difficult time?

You have two options how can help - we would either conduct live webinars or in-person seminars (depending on restrictions and your location) for up to 10 members of staff with one of our expert trainers, Sandy, Phil or Tash. Your staff members will be given an 84 page comprehensive work booklet which they will be guided by the trainer to work through. This is theirs to keep and is jam-packed full of tips, templates and how-to guides to use as a resource when looking for a new job.


Or the second option is to direct your staff members to our online training portal where they will complete the training online. You will receive notifications so you’ll know who has completed the training. 

I run a business based in Birmingham but my sales team are all round the country. I’m having to make 6 people redundant. How can help me?

Apart from the live webinar option we also have a purely online coaching portal, this way your existing staff members can carry out the training online, in their own home at a time when it’s convenient for them. They will go through each module and you will be notified when they have completed it.

Will find me a job?

One of the most important modules is how to search for a new job, with the number of different websites that are available we list the main ones and some specific ones for different job types. We also have a section with how to engage with a recruitment agency to create a win-win, get recruiters calling you back and finding you that next career move.

“I run a business and I am going to have to, unfortunately, make 10 people redundant. How can help me?“

We would definitely be able to help your business. We would do this by delivering a Live Training Webinar for those 10 people. They will each receive a comprehensive workbook to fill in whilst one of our expert trainers Sandy, Tash or Phil will remotely guide them through the book and help them fill in and answer any questions they may have, whilst discussing and teaching them all the skills they need to be equipped with to receive their next job offer.


We understand some of your staff members may have been employed for a long time and may have not applied for a job in many years. This can be scary for some. We help them through the whole process from CV writing to how to create a Linkedin profile and many more modules.


We have found that 10 members of staff on one webinar works best so we can help each individual person in the Q&A after each session. To deliver all the content of the workbook takes 3 hours so it’s split into 1.5hr online sessions.

I’m a job seeker, will help me to get another job?

Yes! has 13 modules which covers every aspect of looking for a new job from how to write a CV, how to apply for jobs, where to look for them, to interview tips and much more. If you complete all the modules you will get yourself ‘match fit’ ready to accept your next job offer. Whilst it doesn’t guarantee you will get your next job it will give you a clear advantage over the other candidates in the running, and in the ultra-competitive market where employers are getting hundreds of applications, you need to make sure you get an interview!

What if my question isn’t answered here? Please email us at and we’ll be very happy to answer your query.

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