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How to Remain Positive After Redundancy

Being made redundant is something that no matter how much you plan or prepare yourself for it, it will always feel difficult. So much of who we are as individuals is part of our career identity, and this means that the piece of paper that says you are no longer needed can feel like a personal rejection, rather than an employment one.

Especially due to the coronavirus pandemic, downsizing and redundancies within the workplace are becoming more common, but what should you do when this happens to you?

This blog will explain the ways in which you can remain positive after being made redundant, and how you can look after yourself.

Separate Yourself from Rejection

Many studies have shown that men struggle more after redundancy, as they are more likely to tie their personal image with their professional image. But this is not to say that both men and women struggle, as both are as career-driven as each other. The first step is to separate yourself from rejection, which will take some discipline and mental focus at first. It’s important to understand that you have not been rejected personally, even though the aftermath affects you personally. You are more than your career and should refuse to be defined by an employer.

Assess Your Position

The next step to staying positive is making the following decision; do you want to remain in your current industry/position or move to a new area? You might consider a career change, and if you need guidance through this, head to our website or contact us for personal advice.

You will need to focus your current skills on a marketable level and get a birds-eye view of the playing field in front of you. Look at your position with a positive attitude. You will already have years of experience under your belt, and that looks very good on a CV. Developing new skills will only make you stand out more to future employers.

Support and Networking

One thing to remember is that many other people have been made redundant before, and recently, and so there is a new world of undiscovered support for you from people in the same position. There are many career change support groups available online, and maybe even in person in your area. You will only benefit from this if you find a group that’s suitable for you personally and professionally.

You will need to be picky when finding a group. You want a well-rounded group that creates a positive atmosphere and allows some emotional support, but mainly focuses on offering real ideas and advice.

What the Future Holds

There’s no denying that you’ve experienced a significant loss, but it’s not the end of the world, and that might be easier said than done. It’s important to stay positive and focus on what’s coming in the future. No matter what your age or position, it’s also never too late to redefine your career. You may find eventually that experiencing redundancy will have pushed you to try new things and directions that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Take this opportunity to re-evaluate what you want in your life and career and how you can get it.

Don’t be reactionary, be positive. Even though you may be looking for a job, you still should be selective, and make sure you find something that will benefit your life positively.

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