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Landing a Job in a Recession

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Job hunting is hard anyway, throw in a global pandemic and a recession and it’s 100% harder. These feelings are only exacerbated by the fact that chances are your job loss may not be by choice, maybe you were made redundant, maybe your company has closed its doors or maybe your on furlough. Whatever your reasoning while job hunting at the moment may seem impossible we’re here to tell you not all hope is lost. In this blog, we are going to share our tips and tricks on finding a job even in these trying times.

Be persistent

It may sound like a cliche but you really should take the bull by the horns and tackle job hunting head-on. It may take weeks it may even take months but it is important to be persistent. Job hunting can be an emotional rollercoaster with rejections and interviews the road is full of highs and lows. Think about looking to positions in areas that are in demand and cater your CV towards them. Your goal is to secure a job it doesn’t necessarily have to be your dream position but an opportunity to take back control of your life. If you are struggling to find full-time employment look at temp work or even part-time you never know this could progress into something more further down the line.

Look for industries doing well

It’s hard to believe but not every industry is failing at the moment, there are many organisations that are doing well. This is your target audience. Take this time to do some research into these industries and those who are likely to maintain a steady flow of work post-pandemic. Right now the health care sector and tech sector are the most in-demand jobs market. As companies are starting to move online the tech industry is flourishing, with restaurants using apps for service and e-commerce thriving this could be a potentially lucrative industry to go into. The health care industry is also busier than ever, there are many temporary positions available at the moment that require no medial qualifications so it’s worth looking into.

Refresh Your Resume

It goes without saying but it is vital that you continue to update your CV. Whether you have been in the same industry for decades or you are a newbie it is important to ensure that your CV has all the relevant information on it. A resume is a powerful tool and always important to have updated and on hand. Make sure that it’s clean and typo-free, that it tells the employer about you as a person. It is also a good idea to cater your CV to every job you apply for think about writing a personalised cover letter to each role. This shows you have really thought about the position and are taking the job seriously. With potentially millions of people are applying for jobs, you want to stand out.

Remember that the recession will not last forever. Both the economy and you will bounce back. It’s important, however, to make sure that you’re staying proactive during an uncertain time. This is for your own sanity and well-being, but also for your career success. Job hunting during a recession will be competitive. That isn’t necessarily bad—it just means you need to remain positive and open to new opportunities.

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