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How to stand out in a job interview

Job hunting can be hard enough, throw in a global pandemic and it’s 100% harder, in these uncertain times it’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed by the jobs market. Besides COVID, there are many reasons interviews for jobs can be stressful! Maybe you are trying to break into an industry or maybe this is the first time you are looking in years after losing your job due to redundancies or furlough.

In this blog, we are going to be talking through our top tips for ensuring that your CV goes to the top of the pile, smashing that interview and securing the position.

How to stand out

When interviewing for a position, employers will sift through hundreds, if not thousands of CV’s, conducting up to 50 interviews for just one opening. You need to ensure that your CV stands out separating you from the crowd.

Be proactive

Arguably the most important thing you can do when attending an interview, you should arrive knowing more about the company than anyone else there. Read up on the history of the business know their mission statement, brush up on their clients past and present. Ultimately you need to make sure that you are 100% clued up on the company in every way possible. There may be a time during the interview where you are asked what you know about the company, you must answer this with confidence. This kind of research can easily be done through a quick google search or a stalk of their socials but will make you look invested and excited about the company.

Be yourself

The most important thing you can do in an interview is to be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Remember if you secure the job it will be impossible pretending 5 days a week. Be authentic and get your personality across, it will make you more memorable to the interviewer.

Be honest

At some point in the interview, you will be asked what your thoughts on the company are. While this may sound like a trap it’s actually a vital question. The automatic response is to just praise the company but this isn’t necessarily the preferred response. Try to mention things you genuinely believe they are doing well or projects you think they excelled in. Then go on to talk about what you would have done to aid that.


Ensure you dress appropriately, not necessarily formal dress but take into consideration what other employees would wear day-to-day. Remember to bring all relevant documentation, including CV and portfolio to show off your work. Arrive promptly and switch your phone off before entering. These little things may not sound like a lot but can contribute to the overall polished look you want to portray.

Ensure that you stand out at interview with help from, the easiest and fastest way to find your next job.

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