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How to give the perfect interview presentation.

Interview presentations have quickly become the new norm for most industries, it is an excellent way for potential employers to present themself and show a bit of your personality. It is also a great way for your employer to access your abilities showing your public speaking skills, knowledge of a specific topic and ability to stay cool, calm and collective.

If you have been asked to deliver one as part of your job interview, prepare to build a strong case for yourself as a candidate.

What is an interview presentation?

Firstly let’s discuss what an interview presentation looks like. An employer may ask you to prepare a presentation or a short speech about a specific topic or a topic of your choice before an interview. The way you go about this is completely up to you. Whether you choose to use visual aids or not for example a PowerPoint presentation. You may feel more comfortable with visual stimulation to keep you on track or you may choose to just do a speech presentation. In this blog, we are going to be talking through things you should and should include as well as how to properly prepare for your presentation.

How to prepare

What do you want to achieve with this presentation, whatever topic you have chosen or been given it is vital that you DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure that you know the topic inside out as this will make you more confident when presenting. Remember your interviewer will also be looking out for strong communication skills, the ability to process, organise and priorities key information, confidence and enthusiasm for the role. By making sure that you are as prepared as possible you will come across as genuine and interested in the role.

How to wow

The time has come to give your presentation here are our top tips for making a lasting impression:

  • Try to not use a script- If you can help it try to stay away from sheets of paper with paragraphs on, if you need some kind of help write bullet point notes down on small cards to prompt you but remember don’t read straight off the sheet.

  • Be enthusiastic - You can use your body language and voice to portray this! Show them you are passionate about what you are talking about. The more confident you are the more comfortable your interviewer will be.

  • Breath- Try not to panic, if you make a mistake take a few deep breaths and refocus, your interviewer isn’t expecting you to be perfect.

Follow up

After you have completed your interview, take a few minutes to ask your audience if they have any questions that will allow you to talk about anything you may have forgotten and will show your interviewer that you are confident on the topic. It is also a good idea to follow up the interview with an email, write how you enjoyed the interview and explain how it helped you understand the company. This will again show your genuine interest in the company and keep your name in their mind.

Now you're ready for the interview presentation, you should apply for a job. Take a look at our website and search jobs now.

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